RIPPED with Lauren DePetrillo 7/21/2020

Ripped 7/21/2020

*You will perform each set 3 times through (including the burn out below) before moving on to the next one.

Equipment Required

Set of Dumbbells 1 Heavier 1 Lighter (if possible)

Mini Band ( not required )

Your BURN OUT to be completed at the end of every single round in each of the sets:

*30 Torpedo Presses
*30 Push Press with Band or Dumbbells if you don’t have a band/or skip to next exercise
*20 Push Ups Right into 20 Shoulder Taps
*1 Run if possible or/ 50 High Knees in place.

Set 1
1. Overhead Press to Reverse Front Raise x 15R 15L 10T
2. Lying Chest Press x 15R 15L 10T
3. Skull Crushers Single, Single Double =1 x 15 s/s (superset) with 20 Pulses

Set 2
1. Neutral Grip Front Raise to Neutral Grip Lateral Raise x15 s/s with lighter weight 20 pulses
2. Military Press S, S, D=1 x 15
3. Alternating Plank Reach with a lighter weight x20

Set 3
1. Upright Row to Lateral Raise x15
2. Front Press to Overhead Press x15
3. Tricep Kickbacks S, S, D=1 x15